ArchHospital Management Software (HMS)

Introduction To Arch

Arch Hospital Management Software is a healthcare software designed for Hospitals and Clinics, Individual Doctors, Physicians as well as Multi-Specialty Hospitals in Bangladesh by Esteem Corporation.

It is a feature rich web based as well as desktop based HMS and HIMS application software which has all the features that you would look for in a Hospital Management Software that helps you take effective decisions for patient care, patient management, hospital management, administration and streamline financial accounting aspects of your hospital or clinic.

We have designed this HMS to make the Hospital Information Management easy, as much as paperless, user-friendly and time saving.

HMS Modules

patient appoinment

Patient Appointment

Register new patient appointment, manage and update appointments, advance appointment and scheduling

patient records management

Patient Records Management

New Patient Registration, Patient Records Management and Patient Information with update, edit and delete functions

IPD-In Patient Department

IPD (In Patient Department)

Case Papers, daily medical records, daily pharmacy, room stay details, Admission, Discharge, OT and Surgery Details

OPD-Out Patient Department

OPD (Out Patient Department)

Create Case Papers, Past medical history of patient, automated prescriptions, symptoms, medical examination, diagnosis

Room & Ward Booking

Room & Ward Booking

Room & ward booking calendar, room types - General, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, VIP, ICU, ICCU, O.T., Advance Booking

Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management

As the test is booked at reception request is automatically send to laboratory. Lab can feed the result later and prints attractive reports.

Accounts & Billing

Accounts & Billing

Accounting and billing, calculation based on prescription, custom billing, Billing based on Plans or Packages

Pharmacy & Inventory

Pharmacy & Inventory

Pharmacy and Equipments Masters, Stock and Inventory Management, Automatic update of stock, Minimum Stock Alerts.

Dashboard & Summary

Dashboard & Summary

Custom Dashboard, personalized dashboard for Doctors and users groups, daily schedules and daily calendars.

User Registration & Management

User Registration & Management

User Registration, groups, user management, add update and delete records, role based user access, give and manage rights

Reports & Search Data

Reports & Search Data

Report creation, reports management, search data for patients, doctors, search appointments, user reports

HMS Features

HMS comes with lots of Hospital Management features. The idea behind developing comprehensive HMS software is to offer our clients every HMS solutions so that they don't have to rely on any other third party hospital software’s for different functions.

We have packed our HMS with all the software modules that are required to manage and administrate a Hospital or clinic. And its user friendly interface makes it easier for even a non-techno savvy user to use it flawlessly. HMS includes the following modules into its Hospital Management software

Patient Record Management

New Patient Registration:

Register a new patient into your Hospital Management System with all his personal information like full name, address, contact info, location, city, state, country, referred by etc. Every new patient registered gets a unique ID which helps the Hospital Management system to use it for different data connectivity and dependencies.

Registration type:

There can be different scenarios a patient gets registered into the Hospital or clinic. It can be emergency or accident, it can be normal check up or due to some symptoms or birth. HMS's patient registration module gives option to identify the case type - whether it's an emergency, birth or normal check up which helps hospitals to generate reports based on case types.

Records Management:

Apart from registering the new patient into the Hospital Management software you can also update the details of the record as well as delete the records. You can also filter and search the Patient Records based on different search criteria.

Patient Appointment

New Appointment:

Book a new appointments for patients. You can also book appointments for a specific doctor or branch including a specific date and time.

Update Appointment:

You can also update or delete the appointments if the patient requests for a change or the doctor requests the change.

OPD (Out Patient Department)

OPD Appointment:

Register an OPD appointment for a specific doctor

Case Paper Details: The OPD Case Paper module covers all the details of the patient like past medical history, medical examination, symptoms, blood pressure, weight, height etc.

OPD Visit Case Paper:

Doctors can prepare OPD Case Papers for the specific patient. The Case Paper gets stored with a unique id for each new visit for that patient. The module also has a unique feature to view the last record history of the OPD visit to easily help doctor to recollect the details of the previous OPD visit.

IPD (In Patient Department)

IPD Admission:

IPD Admission details of the patient in the hospital can be stored and updated here.

IPD Case Paper:

IPD Case Paper details which also includes the details about Surgery to be done, surgery date, surgery details, surgeon name, Operation Theatre booking etc. can be managed from here.

IPD Worksheet:

IPD worksheet is a daily work sheet to be filled by floor or IPD staff which includes daily medication, food, other services of the Hospitals consumption by the patient and other IPD details.

IPD Discharge:

Patient's discharge and discharge summary can be managed and registered in this module.

IPD Services:

Different Hospital services like Food and Beverage, Gym, Recreation etc. services accessed and consumed by the patient can be recorded and managed here.

Room & Ward Booking:

Room & Ward Booking:

Hospital rooms and wards can be booked from here for IPD patients.

Room Type:

While booking the rooms, our Hospital room booking system also gives the options to choose the type of room - for e.g...: Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe, VIP, Super Deluxe etc. which also helps in the billing to charge proper rates for each room type.

Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management

As the test is booked at billing section request is automatically send to laboratory. Lab can feed the result later and prints attractive reports.

Pharmacy & Inventory


Here you can add medicines, you can group medicines according to your needs, can predefine prescriptions based on Diagnosis and update the records

Inventory Management:

Maintain and manage your Hospital stock including pharmacy, equipments, stationeries and other assets.