Witty Educational Management Software


Reduce paperwork, Increase productivity

Witty is an educational institute management software aimed to make administrative works of your institutions easy & smart. It's a web-based software which is accessible from anywhere. It's suitable for English, Bangla medium & English version school, college, madrasah & polytechnic institutes.

Witty has been designed to make the institutional management easy, as much as paperless, user-friendly, effective and time-saving. Witty will increase productivity & efficiency by reducing work duplication, ensure transparency and prevent misuses.

Arch Hospital Management Software

Complete & Powerful, Health-care Solution

Arch is an online based software designed for Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center, Individual Doctors, Physicians as well as Multi-Specialty Hospitals in Bangladesh by Esteem Corporation. Arch has been designed to make the Hospital management easy, as much as paperless, user-friendly and time-saving.

Arch is a complete health-care ERP solution which provides efficient workflow, better administration, best patient care, cost minimization & more profit. Moreover, Arch will increase productivity & efficiency by reducing work duplication. Arch will ensure transparency & prevent misuse.


Onact Accounting Management Software


Run Your Business From Anywhere

Onact is an online based double-entry Accounting & Inventory Management software designed for small to mid-level business in Bangladesh. It is a feature rich Accounting & Inventory Management Software which has all the features that you would look for.

Onact helps to manage daily accounting of small & medium level business easily & effortlessly. It empowers you to control your accounts, run your business efficiently from anywhere. It's a user-friendly, fast, productive software that makes billing painless.

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